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Rail Freight

Our rail freight services and rail transportation links provide fast, low cost, and environmentally-friendly solutions to a range of supply chain locations.

Types of rail Freight Services

Are you looking for efficient answers to complex transportation issues, such as covering long distances, serving congested areas, transporting significant volumes, heavy lift equipment, raw materials?Do you want to combine economic performance and environmental commitments to create sustainable value ? We provide you with eco-friendly competitive rail solutions and offer you an access to the main strategic rail routes.

Types of Rail Cars for Freight Shipping

When shipping goods and materials by train, it is important to have the proper shipping container for efficiency and to preserve product integrity. Just like there are different types of vehicles on the road, there are different types of rail cars.

Benefits of choosing us for your ocean freight

Why Sun Logistic

  • Door-to-door transport.

  • Management of your customs operations

  • Integrated Logistics solutions

  • Reduced transit time

  • Cost optimisation

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