solutions dedicated to retailers


Today’s demand-driven retail supply chains depend on reliable, efficient omni-channel operations, which can respond with agility.

Retail Logistic Solutions

We work with your vendors to monitor production, on-time availability and ensure quick and effective turnover, from the manufacturer’s door to the port. In partnership with our clients we build continuous value by establishing and tracking key performance indicators and conducting customer business reviews. We provide a primary point of contact for all your needs and are available for on-site support.

Specific solutions to retail logistics

  • International transport (freight forwarding) solutions : air freight, ocean freight, road, rail transport.
  • Secure transport and management of your high and heavy products.
  • Storage and order preparation: packaging, labelling, kitting, delay differentiation, co-packing.
  • Cross-docking solutions to manage your multi-vendor supplies and consolidate orders by platform or point of sales.
  • Promotional operations management.
  • End-to-end supply chain management, effectively controlling your merchandise levels and imports/exports.
  • Standard, urgent or at fixed date deliveries.
  • Support your multichannel need for speed across flows of cargo, data, documents, and payments.